The Green Room Collaborative is committed to collaboration in the creative process with the goals of exploring landscape architecture in holistic, integrated and contextual ways to create spaces that inspire a deep connection to nature.  We strive to continue to explore, listen and absorb in order to learn and continuously improve our art form of thoughtful landscape interventions.


As a landscape architectural practice founded on strong horticultural principles, our collaborative studio designs spaces that encourages strong connections with nature, serves as a showcase of specimen plant material and allows for flexibility in the programming of spaces.  We believe that form, function and flexibility are what makes a design beautiful and sustainable for the future.  At the Green Room Collaborative, we feature horticultural expertise along with administrative planning and project management experience to help inform our design process.  Our team has gained an extensive background in public gardens including recent projects that are allowing us to further expand our interest in arid environment conservatory and exhibit design.


We provide a wide range of capabilities and skills to effectively support you with a creative design process:

Hand Sketching & Renderings

High Quality Visual Graphics

3D Modeling to Test Designs

3D Imaging for Graphic Renderings

AutoCAD for Construction Documentation

Horticultural Expertise

T  E  A  M

From the earliest stages of the creative process, the Green Room Collaborative team is committed to creating personalized, efficient, and award-winning designs that culminate in truly inspiring experiences.

Principal, Creative Director

Principal, Director of Horticulture

 Principal, Landscape Architect

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